It’s been almost three years since I graduated high school, and I’ll be honest, I’ve had it pretty easy. Right after graduation I was offered a part-time position at WJTL, which I took and began in August. Also at that time I had another part-time job. I quit that job in December and in January of 2006 began working solely at WJTL. One thing that I loved about WJTL was the fact that they were incredibly flexible. Maybe too flexible. For the most part I’ve set my own hours and declared my own vacations. I was basically living in a fantasy world. Apparently this isn’t how the real world operates.

Recently I was asked at work to commit (yes, I might have issues with that word) to a regular schedule. After asking if it was a trick question, to which they said no, I agreed that it was probably for the best.

For some reason I’ve been struggling with this. Probably due to the fact that I haven’t been on a schedule for the past four years. My senior year of high school, I was only in school maybe two and a half hours a day. The schedule I was asked to commit to isn’t even bad- Tuesday through Friday 10-5. I mean, how in the world did I ever make it to school by 7:30? Ten o’clock is incredibly gracious.

Anyways, this is besides the point. I’ve been asking myself why I’ve been having such an issue. I’m kind of a weird person. Like Paul, I do what I hate and I don’t do what I want to do and I don’t know why. In my life I actually thrive on structure and love it. However, when it’s someone else’s structure and expectation placed on me I start to squirm. Also, the things I’m stepping into this year at my job are things I’ve never done before which cause me to be a little reserved.

The Lord’s been showing and teaching me that what He prevents or denies is as much of His divine guidance as what He allows. Continually teaching me to trust Him in all things. I know that I’ll bare so much good fruit in my life from this season. Again, learning to choose joy over grumbling and to see His perspective at all times.

In the world, at the age of 18 you become an adult. I just celebrated my 21st birthday and I think I’m just beginning the adult life.

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