Changing the Atmosphere

First off, to preface the title the following blog will have nothing to do with science. If you know anything about me if I tried to blog about science the blog would end now. Lucky for you, it’s not!

I received a text message from a dear friend this past weekend that included the following sentence:

“don’t forget who you are and what you’ve been called to do in this hour!”

Such a great and confusing text message. A great reminder to check in again and evaluate who the Lord has called me to be- in life in general and specifically now, and that great reminder also left me puzzled. Especially the part about doing what I’m called to do in this hour. What the heck am I supposed to be doing now?

I thought about this a lot the past couple days. Then last night when I was driving home I started to think about it again and this time I asked God what He thought.

Immediately, I was reminded of my Sunday School class that morning. I was sharing about what I think the kingdom of God looks like when it comes now. In my ramblings I mentioned something about going to bars and believing that the Spirit inside of me could make a difference no matter what atmosphere I’m in. When that thought came to me in the car I began to expand on it in my head.

Yes, I do believe that the Spirit inside of me is greater than any spirit that can oppose me. I’ve heard stories about Christians who have gone to Marilyn Manson concerts and they prayed the whole time and it would begin to rain and the concert would be cancelled. Or others that go to clubs in Europe to specifically worship and see God move among the party goers. And my favorite story- a worship leader who would sing in jazz clubs and skat in tongues. I remember her saying, “everyone would sober up real quick.”

This is a reality. The presence of God changes things. And if I believe that I carry the presence of God then I should be able to impact situations and relationships.

There is a song called “Sign & Wonder.” This song also came to me in the car. The lyrics go…

Oh, I am a light, the fragrance of Christ, changing the atmosphere

Oh, come watch me burn, I am a sign and a wonder

Oh, praise in my mouth, a powerful sound, changing the atmosphere

Oh, come watch me burn, I am a sign and a wonder

I think this is what I’m supposed to do specifically in this hour. I turn 21 in exactly one month from today and I’m beyond excited. Not for the mere fact that I can drink legally, but for the fact that I’m going to see the Spirit of God prevail in some dark places.

So here I go changing the atmosphere….

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