Excitement… for everyone else

I apologize for the following post. But this is how I honestly felt today.

I received an email this morning from John who is the programming director at work. He creates something called “sweepers” which are played once an hour at the :30 mark. They usually have different themes, and for the last week in December and the first week in January he wants to do one with “highlight headline.”The dialogue was set up as this:

“Hi, my name is __________, and one of the significant highlights for me in 2007 was ________________.”

He gave us a few ideas such as having a baby, getting married or even things in the spiritual aspect such as serving as a children’s Sunday school teacher or attending the baptism of a dear friend.

Honestly, I still haven’t come up with anything. I can think of a lot for other people though. Such as the following:

*3 friends got married

*6 people are/were engaged

*10 people had babies

*Friends that traveled abroad

(You can obviously see what I think is significant)

And for the spirtual aspects… I’ve taught classes, been in some good classes, read some good stuff, been in great prayer meetings… but somehow none of that is sticking out as a “significant hightlight.”

I’m hoping that 2008 might be a year filled with more excitement.

I mean it has to be…. if I end up following through with my 25 things to do before 25 🙂

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