I Prefer A King

Last year around this time I went down to MorningStar for two different conferences and to visit my friend who is currently going to their ministry school. In between the two conferences, Jason Upton had a concert. This was my first time at a Jason Upton concert and it was amazing. I remember during one part of the concert, Jason stopped and started talking about how we play these games with God. He used the example of how after Adam and Eve sinned, they hid from God and God came into the garden to walk with them but they were the ones hiding. How often do I do this! I blame God for his “distance” or what seems like distance to me, and in actuality God is like, “where are you at ashlea…. I’m here to walk with you, and you’re the one hiding… you’re the one playing games.” So I got wrecked during that concert…..

Fast-forward a year…..

I was watching TV ridiculously late one night and it was one of those times where I was tired, but was refusing sleep to my body for some reason and I saw that there was a rebroadcast of that same Jason Upton concert that I was talking about in the above paragraph so I started to watch it. It went on for a little bit and then I asked God, “Lord, if there’s something you want to speak to me, let it come on before” and then i gave some dumb time…. I love how I do this all the time and expect the Lord to work like a microwave….. 4 minutes until it’s ready. This time God was gracious and did have something to say. So within my time limit, the part during the conference came on that I talked about before that messed me up… well it did again. However, there was another part that I forgot that really spoke to me the other night.

Jason started talking about the difference between the children of God and the religious. One of the things is that the children don’t care or they don’t know if they’re helping God… they just enjoy being with the Father. Then he said, “We wanted a King… God just wanted to be our Father.” Wow. I got hit once again.

In my life I prefer God as a King. A king is so much easier. There is no involvement or real commitment with a king and his people. Basically, the people pay the taxes and abide by the laws but there is no relationship between a king and his people. However, a father, a true picture of a father- not the distorted ones we have from earthly fathers, is one that is ever present. One that is there daily through good and bad. A Father you talk to about everything… your dreams, your hurts, the daily mundane stuff. A Father is involved. A King is absent. When I really look at my heart… I prefer a King because there is less commitment on my part and I can continue to play the game of “God- you’re being distant from me” and put the blame on Him for my lack of spiritual fervor or zeal because He isn’t showing up. But when I choose to view God as a Father, I get a clear picture of my relationship with Him. It’s me that isn’t choosing to spend time with him, not the other way around. It’s me that’s refusing the healing or restoration that the Father wants to bring, not the other way around.

To view God as a King is easier but we’ll be mere peasants…. but those who understand God as a Father will have the priviledge to live as His children.

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