Sometimes I think I’m weird…

I decided today I would blog. And what about? I don’t know.

The best thing I came up with is 5 things of randomness from me that I’ve thought about today.

1. I hate when guys wear girl jeans. However, today I wore a pair of my sister’s pants which turned out to be guy pants… and I really like them. Is it o.k. for me to wear guy pants when they can’t wear girl pants?

2. I spend entirely too much time on Facebook. I am becoming one of them. I knew this would happen.

3. I might be more of a heathen than I thought… I kind of enjoy crude humor. (I’ve found this out with my increase in youtube viewage…. thanks punch robert) Once again, being called out by my sister on it. Which was a good thing though.

4. Realizing that I have my whole wedding planned. (and i’m not joking) The only thing missing is the groom… anybody know someone?

5. I’ve spent about 5 minutes thinking of something to put down for number 5, and couldn’t come up with anything.

haha. yeah i have that little brain function in a day.

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