What do I really want to do…

Last night was the second night of spending countless hours playing Guitar Hero and Karaoke Revolution with my co-workers. We played as long as some worked to give you an idea of how long… or in my case I played longer than I worked. As much fun as I had this post isn’t about my love of karaoke or how I splurged on a PS2.

In the midst of the fun, I said how I really want to go see a Broadway show since I’ve never seen one. Many of my co-workers have had experience in acting, and Mindy (my co-worker) began to tell how she couldn’t go because it’s so hard for her to sit through a show because her life isn’t what it used to be (Mindy spent a decent amount of her life acting as a profession and now is a mother of two and helps out at the station). After that my other co-worker Kate said how she really wants to get back into acting and musicals (Kate had the lead role in all of her high school musicals and now vocal coaches on the side). And Eddie, another co-worker, said how every time he watchs the Emmys he says to himself “I can do that” (Eddie is a filmmaker extraordinaire).

After this quick two minute conversation happened, I sat there and began to think… what do I really want to do?

Not a whole lot came to my mind. Honestly, the first thing was getting married and having kids. Which seemed odd compared to the other things mentioned in the conversation. Since then I have begun to ask myself if I have low expectations of myself and what I want to do in life. I shouldn’t seem satsified with where I’m at in life right now… only working a part-time job, making $8.50 an hour, living at home and seeming to just co-exist. Yet, somehow I am. I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love living at home. I love my church.

All this to say, the Lord knows what He’s doing. He knows what would make my heart beat right now in this season. Granted, I’m really excited for what’s to come, but I’m pretty happy where I’m at right now.

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