Purple Door

A fairly big part of my job is a festival called The Purple Door Arts & Music Festival. I might be a little bias, but I absolutely love it. For one, some of the music is more my style, it’s laid back, low-key and I get to do it with my friends.

I attended the festival for a few years back in middle and high school. I would usually be the only girl with about 20 some guys that went. I of course was the tag along with my brother Ryan, who instilled a love for some rock music in me.

Now I’m on the other side. Not just attending the festival, but helping to make it happen.

This year was the first year that my brother and some cousins came since I’ve been working here, so that meant a lot to me.

One of the other cools things I got to do was interview some bands. I interviewed Skillet, RED, The Glorious Unseen, The Mint, and Emery. I was beyond excited to interview some of these bands. Believe me, I’m still like a little kid. I opened up my Glorious Unseen interview with… first off, I absolutely love your guys stuff…. totally professional 🙂

Anyways, my good buddy Eddie is editing them now, but here’s the one with John Cooper of Skillet.

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