Beaver Falls & Geneva College

This past weekend my good friend from high school, Rebecca, and I made the trek out to Geneva College in Beaver Falls to visit her brother, Mark, who I graduated from high school with. Mark plays soccer and it was his last home game. Here are a few reflections on life in Beaver Falls and Geneva College.

Becca and I arrived Friday and had time to kill while Mark was at practice. We were walking around the campus when we stumbled across this…

At first I thought it was kids playing Dungeons and Dragons but it WAY more complex than that. Simply because of this it makes me want to attend Geneva. Do you think they offer scholarships?

After spying on the medieval kids (and yes, they spoke to each other in an Old English accent) for awhile Becca and I decided to take a tour of Beaver Falls. That took a whole 10 minutes. The town is very much run down and when people say, “there is nothing to do” that is 100% true all the time for Beaver Falls.

Mark lives in a house with 6 other guys and that’s where Becca and I stayed. A house with seven guys can lead to some very interesting things… for instance:

– Washing dishes is optional. Dishes were piled up in a sink and the remains left on them are from who knows what and who knows how long it’s been there

– Heat is not an option. They use the buddy system instead.

– Somethings just aren’t a necessity. Like toilet paper. (They ran out of toilet paper at 8pm on Friday. None was purchased until noon on Saturday. I held it the whole time. And used a coffee filter to blow my nose… there wasn’t any paper towels or napkins to use)

– Laundry is optional. One of the guys got ambitious and did laundry for the first time all year. I ended up sleeping in that guys bed (him and Mark slept on the couch… such gentleman). However throughout the whole night I would get this whiffs of something that I could only compare to clothes that were wet and put in a bag and pulled out 3 months later. I think there were some clothes that were hidden in the room that missed the laundry run.

Overall though, Mark has some wonderful roommates (that will hopefully find wonderful women to help them mature in certain areas like housekeeping) and it was an absolute joy to get out of Lancaster, walk around outside in gorgeous weather, carve pumpkins, play games and catch up with some good friends.

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