Day 10: Being Grateful

I realize that sometimes, actually all the time, I don’t realize how thankful I should be. This is my second week trying to get in those 40 hours. Now having a semi-set schedule, it sometimes makes me feel angsty, irritated and just plain tired. I loved sleeping in till I wanted to, leaving when it pleased me, etc.

(yes, I do realize that last sentence makes me sound like the most spoiled person ever)

OK, I know that my new schedule is what millions of people have been living with for years. Welcome to the club, Ashlea. What is worse is that a lot of people have very stressful jobs. Mine isn’t even close to being stressful. I listen to music, watch videos, talk to some of my best friends and occasionally send some emails and talk to people on the phone. This past week I got to go to two different meetings. One was at Laserdome where I sat through a 30 minute laser show. (I know… slave work) and then the next day went to Cherry Crest Farms, home of the amazing maize maze. Really tough work.

As I was sharing with a friend about my week and how I was feeling blah, all the sudden I felt so ridiculous. I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth! Seriously, I would be hard pressed to find better jobs than mine. I think it comes down to the whole mentality of never being happy with your current status. The grass always looks greener somewhere else. I’m trying to bit my lip every time I want to start ranting and raving. It could be way worse. Enjoy the blessings that I have. Cherish the favor. Here’s a good verse I discovered today:

“A heart at peace gives life to the body.”
-Proverbs 14:30

It’s my goal to start having a heart at peace. A hear t that is content with what the Lord has given me for this season.

And, I do apologize for all of those who have had to listen to my complaining. You truly are friends for not hitting me.

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