Day 16: Living someone else’s Christianity

“We have accepted one another’s notions, copied one another’s lives and made one another’s experiences the model for our own… we have made the Word of Truth conform to our experience and accepted this low plane as the very pasture of the blessed.”

Ouch! This one hurts. Looking at my life I have to wonder how much of who I am and what I believe is just a bi product of someones relationship? Eww, just thinking about that makes me cringe.

I remember for awhile wrestling with the fact that I hadn’t had “experiences” with the Lord like some of my friends had. I struggled with this a lot. I wanted to have what they were experiencing. I think this is good in part: to want to experience more of the Lord is always good. But, it came to a point where I was pursing the experience rather than pursing Jesus. That my friends is a dangerous place to be.

When I got my eyes off of what was happening to everyone else and focused on what the Lord was doing and teaching me, it was incredible.

There are experiences that the Lord wants you to have, that will only mean something to you! If that same thing were to happen to someone else, it probably wouldn’t have the same impact. Just as the Lord knows each one of our heart’s desires and dreams. So does the Lord know what it going to minister to our hearts the most!

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the true author of Christianity, and allow him to show us what it means to be in relationship with Him.

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