Day 2: The Beauty of the Body

There are few things more beautiful in this life than when people are who they were created to be.

Tonight I had the opportunity to help out with the youth group at my church. They are going to Jamaica on a missions trip in just a couple of weeks, and the youth pastor likes to do some “hot seat” ministry before trips. In case you aren’t familiar with “hot seat” ministry, it is basically where someone sits in a chair in the middle of a circle and the people around the circle will tell the person sitting in the chair what they see in them and what they feel the Lord is saying about them. This time is for encouragement and edification of the person.

What I love about this is that too often we forget who we are and what we were created for. Sometimes we need reminders. What’s a better way than to have fellow brothers and sisters tell you what they see the Lord doing in you!

Even though I didn’t get a turn in the hot seat, it makes me think about things that I know to be true of myself. I know that the Lord has called me to specifically pray over people and couples and to see a release of truth into the person/couple. I absolutely love doing this. If you ever want me to pray over you, just let me know!

Other things that I know I’m called to do yet don’t are:

-Extensive Fasting. I know that fasting is to play a huge role in my life. I want to do a 40 day fast sometime, however, I tend to like food too much.

-Worship. I need to begin the habit of cultivating worship in my own life before the Lord will open up doors in other arenas.

-Teaching. This might be surprising to some, but I love teaching. And, I don’t mind big crowds.

These are just a few things on a very long list that I know the Lord has put inside of me.

I encourage you to check in with what the Lord has called you to do, and to encourage those around you with the truth of who they are.

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