Day 20: Physical vs Spiritual

Do you realize that many things in the physical carry over into the spiritual?

I was thinking about this today as I’m been more observant about my lack of motivation. One thing that I’ve been extremely unmotivated about is exercising. (After my 30 Days of Insight are over… not the insight, just posting about it… I’m hoping to start blogging more about exercising)

Friday I had finally had enough. I got off of my lazy butt and did something. However, I was probably a bit too ambitious. Sometimes I get this way when it comes to things with the Lord. If I feel guilty about not doing something for awhile, I’ll all the sudden decide to go crazy with it. Which sometimes can prove worse.

For instance, so Friday I worked out. I’m still walking strangely because of how much I overdid it. Making me not want to do much of anything now… again.

I’m trying to learn this aspect of patience and timing. There are all of these things that I want to do, but I can’t do all of them right now. Just like I want to do pull ups like nobody’s business. I physically can’t. And like I want to see significant changes within my church, my family and myself, I can’t and won’t see immediate change. It’s a journey, Ashlea! The Lord isn’t as concerned with time as I am. For Him, a day is like a thousand years (still, and probably ever won’t get that)

Moral of the story… be patient yet progressing in all that I have in my heart to do

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