Day 4: Everybody Dies But…

I found this quote today:

“Everybody dies, but not everyone lives…”

Granted, I found it on the inside of a Superchick album, but still thought provoking nonetheless. This past week I’ve been contemplating a lot about life and purpose. This goes right along with it. Thinking back to the study of Ecclesiastes. In chapter 2 verse 22 it says:

“What does a man get for all the toil and anxious striving with which he labors under the sun?”

I’m realizing more and more that striving does not produce life. In fact, I’m pretty confidant that striving actually might take years off of your life. And what does it produce? Nothing. Striving is something that I definitely struggle with. Most of my life I’ve played the role of over-achiever. I’m pretty sure over-achiever is a synonym for striving. In the past 3 years the Lord has dealt with me a good bit on this one. When I strive for something it is basically telling the Lord that a. His timing isn’t right and b. I don’t trust what He’s saying.

You see, we tend to strive for something when we don’t believe we already have it. For instance, I sense a striving sometimes to do something to make the Lord love me more. Yet, the Lord has already revealed His love for me numerous times. I’m just refusing to receive and believe. Also, striving tends to creep up when I’m not satisfied with the Lord’s timing. Example, my job. I can’t tell you the number of times I wrestled with the Lord and felt so insecure about my job. I don’t have a title…I’m never going to get full-time… blah blah blah. The worries and insecurities abounded. Therefore, the striving increased. Yet, the Lord in His goodness and perfect timing opens up all doors just in time.

Back to the initial quote, “Everybody dies, but not everyone lives…” I don’t want to waste my life away striving for things to happen. I want to learn to be patient, and to grow in trust that Lord has better plans than I could imagine. And in the mean time… live.

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