Day 9: Paving the Way

“I think that we should be, one, embarrassed that we have to follow everyone into the important issues of the world. And second, we should be inspired to pave the way, to lead the way, to create the path. We shouldn’t be known for cheesy movies; we should be creating the best movies in the world. We shouldn’t create a category called Christian art; we should be the best artists in the world.”
Erwin McManus in the July/August issue of Collide

I absolutely love Erwin McManus. If you haven’t heard of him you definitely need to check him out. He’s the leader of a community called Mosaic in Los Angeles, is doing some pretty fantastic things and has written some amazing books. Seriously, check him out.

I’ve heard the concept of this quote many times before. Christians who know the Creator should be creating some of the best stuff. Anything that inspires us, God created. Since we are in relationship with the Lord we should easily be able to tap into that. Yet we aren’t. Why is that? Part of it I believe is because “Christian art” whether that be music, writing, painting, dance, anything isn’t really authentic. Now I don’t want to put that generalization over the whole Christian community because I’m sure there are some believers who are excelling in what they do. But making a generalization, most Christian art is very P.C. Jesus if you didn’t yet know it, was not PC at all. He didn’t set out to not be. That wasn’t his goal. It was just who He was. I want to know how many songs and paintings are truly reflecting that individuals current state of being. For some reason we think that we have to have everything together all the time and that translates into our art. Well… that is a big pile of crap. Jesus never asked that we pretend life is OK. Jesus asked us to be real.

Is your life and art reflecting this reality?

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