Espana, aqui yo vengo!

Ok. That title is supposed to translate Spain, Here I Come. Not quite sure if that’s right or not 🙂

Yes, tomorrow at 9:55pm I’m leaving the Washington/Dulles Airport for Spain, and I’m so freakin’ excited. Let me tell you why…

It all started in 4th grade with my teacher Mr. Maly. He taught us Spanish. It was very basic. Simple phrases, numbers, alphabet etc. Then in 5th grade I had Miss Campbell and now every class in school had Spanish three times a week. I thrived on it. I learned The Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish, colors and more phrases. I remember winning some type of “you’re good at Spanish” prize, which was a Magical School Bus book, all in Spanish. Which I still have.

Then I went to middle school where the Spanish learning continued. And into my freshman year. Basically I had 6 years of Spanish I. Let’s just say I hope I never forget the colors, numbers 1-20 and simple phrases like “hi” “how are you” and “what’s your name”

But then it all got better. Before my freshman year I spent 10 days in Venezuela. I loved it. I knew very little Spanish at the time but loved the people and the language.

During high school I took all of the Spanish classes they offered. All the way through Spanish 6. In high school I also volunteered at a Spanish church teaching their 8 and 9 year olds. High school was weird for me in the fact that I did well in school. However, I wouldn’t say that I actually learned anything. I was the student who paid attention in class to do well on the test. Once the test was over, I didn’t remember anything. Except for Spanish. I loved studying it. That was the one class that I actually cared about the final and would memorize all of the vocab words from that year because I cared. Yes, I actually cared about this and that was what made the difference.

I spent 9 years learning and investing myself in the Spanish language. Then, I graduated. Since graduation I have done very little to nothing with it. I’ve asked the Lord plenty of times, “Lord, why would you put this passion in my heart for something and then I would never use it?” or “Lord, did I just waste all of that time?”

One thing I’ve learned though, is that the Lord isn’t wasteful. Everything has a purpose and a reason. I don’t think this trip is the end all, but I do feel like it’s a means to an end. I’m actually going. I’m actually doing something.

This is the first step. I’m excited to discover the rest.

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