Hmm… is this normal?

I’m sorry for the delay in my postings about Spain. I’ve finally made some time to continue sharing about all the craziness from my trip.

The second city that we went to visit was Barcelona, which is absolutely gorgeous. We took an overnight bus trip from Burgos to Barcelona because we wanted to save money, unfortunately Spanish buses suck. They are made for midgets and are impossible to sleep on. So 7 1/2 hours later with maybe an hour or two max of sleeping we arrived in Barcelona. We headed to our hostel, which I’ll be posting about my hostel experiences at a later time. Now we were in a bit of a predicament of what to do. Should we go to sleep and then go out or just suck it up and go see the city and not waste time? We decided to not waste time and headed out to sight see.

One reason that I loved Spain is because basically every three hours you’re eating another meal. One of the stops that we went to I ate some yummy flan and then headed to the bathroom (not due to the flan). While in the bathroom I felt like there was something weird on the skin on my back. I thought to myself how this seemed a little strange but didn’t make mention of it to my friends. However, upon arrival back at the hostel, I said, “Hey guys, is there something on my back?” And to that question, my friends responded, “oh my gosh… it looks like you have hives!”


OK, background. Here is my reference for hive
s. My friend Cindy who went to Spain with me had two serious cases of hives within the last four to five months. Both times she had to go to the Emergency Room. Needless to say she wasn’t providing a ton of peace of mind. And, my brother Ryan a few years ago broke out in hives and spent days laying in oatmeal baths and his face swelled up so much that I didn’t think he had eyes anymore. Then they gave him a shot in the butt, he says that the needle was like 10 inches long.


What the ?@*@! is basically what I was thinking. To my knowledge I’m not allergic to anything that I was eating or drinking while I was there. My frie
nd Lacy was like, “OK, let’s go the pharmacy and get you some medicine. While we were walking there she told me not to laugh at her when she tried to explain hives in Spanish since she didn’t know the word for it. We get to the pharmacy and first off she asks if the guy knows English. He says yes. Wonderful! However, of course he’s lying. He has no idea what hives are. Therefore, Lacy does her best to describe hives in Spanish. She did a good job, however the guy still seemed confused. He ended up giving me a cream that is for burns. We went back to the hostel and Lacy started putting it on my back. This cream is not like anything I was anticipating it being like. First off, it didn’t rub in. Secondly, it did nothing. I couldn’t feel it changing anything. Now, please avoid the unpleasantness of the following picture, but it’s to give you a little idea of what I’m talking about.

Gross. I know.

This is when I really started to freak out. I was OK, up until the point when I realized that medicine in Spain wasn’t going to help me and that I was going to have to go to the hospital (which side note… I’ve never been admitted to one… even in birth) in another country. I broke down, and like any other 21 year old would do, I called my mom. My dad picked up the phone and my voice is already starting to shake and I ask if Mom is there. My dad’s like yeah, is everything OK (I can hear the concern in his voice) I’m like “yep, can I just talk to mom.” My mom gets on the phone and I break down. I’m trying to control my voice and tears in the middle of the hallway at the hostel. I said, “Mom, I broke out in hives and I don’t know why. Is there something I’m allergic to that I don’t know of that you do… what should I do!!” My mom was great. Super calm and collected. First she asks if I’ve been eating anything weird. If eggs and potatoes aren’t weird, then no. Then she asked what I’d been drinking. Ha ha. Yeah, um…. beer, wine. My mom kind of laughed and said that it was probably something that I drank. She told me to take cold showers and to get some type of antihistamine inside my body. And warned me, that if the hives get onto my face I have to go to the hospital immediately.

I went and took a cold shower and now, let me give you some more background. (OK, I just set that up to be very awkward… but it isn’t like that) Before coming to Spain, the city that I was most excited about was Barcelona and now here I am Day 1 in Barcelona with hives. I was asking the Lord, “what is going on?” I really felt like it was attack, because who can really enjoy a city when you’re covered in hives? I prayed against whatever attack that the Enemy might be sending my way and proclaimed healing over my body. I went back into the room and was determined to have a bright outlook because I knew (and know) that the Lord is FOR me. I got dressed and got ready to go out.

Side note: While I was in the shower, my friend Lacy called her host mom and asked her about hives and pharmacies in Spain. Apparently in Spain you can’t receive pills without a prescription. Which would mean that I would have to go to the hospital even to get some type of antihistamine. The Lord definitely had to intervene. I guess Benadryl doesn’t have a market in Spain.

We went out to dinner and through the course of the night I could feel hives spreading all the way to up under my neck. Almost on my face. The were also slowly going down my legs… it wasn’t looking good.

Upon arriving back at the hostel, my friend Cindy said that she would look through her suitcase because she threw in some random medicine stuff before leaving. She found one pill of an antihistamine decongestant. I took it, drank a bottle of water and went to bed. I told Lacy that if I waked her up in the middle of the night that she had to take me to the hospital.

The next morning I woke up, and… no hives. I truly believe it was an answer to prayer. My mom told me that after I called, she had called people to pray for me.

I want to give praise to Jesus, to be like the one who came back after being healed to say thank you.

This taught me that YES- Jesus answers prayers and cares for me, and to always pack Benadryl when traveling abroad.

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