I’m not a genius but…

I will be the first to say that I’m not super smart and that there are probably lots of flaws in my thinking but something just has me a little perturbed.

In this wonderful presidential election that we’re currently involved in, a staggering amount of financial aid has been raised for both parties. In the month of August, Obama raised a mind-blowing 66 million dollars. Two days after announcing his VP, Sarah Palin, the McCain camp took in around 12 million dollars. To me this is mind boggling. The amount of resources available to these candidates is striking to say the least.

Perhaps I’m way off, but don’t you think that 78 million dollars raised in a mere matter of days could be going to, I don’t know let’s say… eliminate poverty? provide clean water? more AIDS education for Africa? provide food for those in need?

It’s been almost a year ago since I was in tears before the Lord asking him, “what can really be done for all of the need that there is?” I really felt like the Lord responded with “Ashlea, I’ve given people the resources to correct what’s wrong… it’s just a matter of using them.”

Wow. I do believe there are enough finances to help correct many of the issues plaguing the world today. It’s just a matter of getting into the mindset of “less of me.” Greed is so disgusting. But I can’t only blame those who are easily writing out checks for thousands and potentially millions of dollars. The call is the same upon my life. What can I give? What can you give?

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