I met together with a friend today and had an amazing conversation that involved me realizing some things.

I am going to Uganda in a month and a half with Compassion International and I am beyond excited! I will have to write the whole story behind the story because it is too good, and it showcases the Lord’s character so much. But this blog is for something else.

My friend and I got together to pray about this trip. She asked how I was feeling about it and I said excited, nervous, anxious (all the right responses). But then I shared something with her that I haven’t really said out loud before.

Other friends of mine went to Uganda a couple months back and I was looking at pictures of their trip to get a feel for what I would be seeing and doing. I came across one where they were serving lunch to the children in the one Compassion project. For some reason it unsettled something in me. It wasn’t until tonight when I was verbalizing what I was feeling did I realize what was really going on.

You see, when you serve someone you are investing yourself. You’re becoming part of a situation. In all of my excitement to go, there is also this part of me that is fearful. It would be way easier to hide in the background and be an observer. However, that would be shortchanging myself. God has called me to be a partaker. To invest my heart in the lives of the children and workers in Uganda. To invest myself in the other people that will be on the trip. To let my heart be open. To let tears come. To give a ridiculous amount of hugs. To laugh. To cry. To smile.

It’s easier to walk away from something when you don’t give your heart. But I know I would be missing out on so much, too much to let that happen. Uganda has so much to offer me and to teach me.

The Lord’s reminding me that He didn’t create me to observe in any situation. He didn’t create you for that either.

Be a partaker. Be an investor. Live fully and really.

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