Now with the majority of the population having an opinion about this year’s presidential hopefuls (and their vp nominees), I’ve come to realize something.

People will believe what they want to believe and will be VERY adamant about it. Everybody heard the same speeches and knows who picked who, but yet our perceptions of those actions and words can be as different as night and day.

For instance:

I don’t believe that McCain picked Palin simply to get the vote of people who just want to vote for a woman. However, if you aren’t in the “McCain camp” this might be almost considered almost a biblical truth. I know that politics is the touchy subject that shouldn’t be brought up. Yet, I absolutely love saying something to see how the person responds. You can immediately tell where someones allegiance lies within a few sentences. And you can easily spot your allies and your foes within moments. I’ve learned though, after spotting which team this persons on, to end the conversation there. No debating, it proves to be very fruitless. Especially for the die-hards.

But not only is this true in the political realm, it is also very true of friends and family.

Now I know some wouldn’t get super defensive for their family, and some might wish they didn’t even share the same last name with some people in their family. However for me I’ve realized that I will defend my family and friends on basically anything and everything.

Recently someone had made a comment about a category of people that one of my siblings would have fallen into. I immediately started going to their defense coming up with all the reasons in the world, why it’s OK for them to be this way. Just two days ago someone made a somewhat offensive (maybe just offensive to me) comment about a friend. I started to speak up, but then shut my mouth coming to the realization that…

We all have our perceptions. We view this life through them, and it takes a lot to change them.

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