The List

I’ve been asked to share the complete list of the 25 things I’d like to do before I turn 25. Well folks, I only have 20 so far. I wait till I think of something I really want to do and then write it down. Unfortunately, those thoughts rarely happen. All of the things on my list had to be things that I can somewhat control. There are many things I’d like to have happen before I turn 25, but a lot of those are total God things. These 20 I at least think I have some control of.

, here’s my list in no particular order:
*Visit two different continents
*Run a 5k
*Go to Nashville
*Go to Austin
*Take a road trip (where the journey is equally as important as the destination)
*Run a mile in 8 minutes (my fastest recorded mile was 7:03… and I was in 8th grade. All I’ll say is a lots changed since then)
*Hold a refugee baby
*Learn to play keyboard
*Write a song
*Read through the Bible
*Give away $10,000 (still undecided if this is over the time till I turn 25 or in one lump sum)
*Learn to snowboard
*See a Broadway show
*Do 5 pull-ups (don’t laugh… this will seriously take me awhile)
*Do a 40 day fast
*Paint a picture
*Visit Colorado
*Read all of C.S. Lewis’ works
*See one of my friends from high school accept Jesus (I realize that this might be in the category of things I can’t control… but I can make a really good effort)
*Do karaoke
That’s my list! Anyone feel like sharing their lists?!?!?
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