A few thoughts on traveling

I’ve been blessed to be able to travel to some great places in the last 5 years. The other day I was thinking about the pros and cons of traveling domestically vs internationally. Here’s the pro’s and con’s for traveling domestically.


– Don’t have to worry about bringing the right converter or adapter for all your electronic needs.

– Don’t loose 10 years of your life with the stress from driving on the other side of the road.

– You’ve heard of most of the food before. Not too much guessing – and if you have any questions you can ask, and you’ll most likely get a response in English.

– Access to all things fairly readily.

– No miscommunication of commonly used expressions.

– No awkward hostel encounters


– Not getting to experience the sheer excitement of blowing out the circuits in your room when you realize you do in fact need a converter.

– Miss out on experiencing some of the best prayer times during stressful situations. Like this

– Having to play the game, “what animal did this come from” at every meal.

– Having to watch your friend try to explain hives to someone who doesn’t know what hives are or Benedryl. Then putting iodine all over your body cause that’s the “remedy.”

– Side stitches from laughing for hours at how your friend thought “nightly service” meant something entirely different than the maid and proceeded to dig a deep deep hole of embarrassment.

– Not being able to smile and laugh while the Swedish guy is undressing in front of you.

Either way, traveling is vital. It brings a certain life and perspective that you just can’t get in any other experience.

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