Needtobreathe Concert

Alyssa and I ventured into West Chester last night (after an hour detour… that’s for another post) for a Needtobreathe concert. I’m in love with their new album “The Outsiders” and couldn’t wait to see them live. They lived up to all the hype for sure. The venue (The Note) was pretty tiny. The stage couldn’t have been bigger than 12×12 and we were right up front. Like, I could see the sweat dripping off of Bear’s hat close.

Something that was different from the concerts I’m used to going to is the fact that they didn’t go on until after 11:30. Woohoo for sleeping in on Saturdays! Their opener, Serena Ryder was spot on, so it made the wait enjoyable. I know this is against all copyright laws, but when Needtobreathe came out for a second encore, I knew I had to get it on tape. With just a cajone, tambourine, shaker and two guitars, they left us with this wonderful moment. Enjoy.

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