Mat Kearney, oh how I love you.

As a disclaimer, I’m pretty much a sucker for any guy that can play guitar and sing. I hardly used to go to any concerts outside of the work realm, but as of late my feeling has been more of “why the heck not” … especially when the tickets are free!

I’ve loved Mat’s stuff from the beginning and have had City of Black and White on repeat for a while now. When I saw he was coming to Philly it was a must, and I’m so glad my friend Kate was up for the adventure. Diane Birch opened up for him, and she was fantastic. That girl absolutely has an incredible voice.

Then it was Mat’s turn. The room was packed and there were of course those few audience members that are almost* more fun to watch than the actual show. This time it was a fifty-something Dad who was gung-ho Mat Kearney, so much so that I got shoved out of my place so he could get closer. Every time the music stopped he made sure to yell, “Welcome to Philly!” … at least 10 times. It made for lots of great laughs between Kate and I, and sparked a conversation with two good looking guys behind me. 🙂

Back to the point… Mat’s show was wonderful. His voice is spot on. Exactly like the CD. He even took a chance and came out into the middle of the room and sang part of the one song. The fifty year old guy I mentioned earlier even got a chance to semi-mug Mat and shake his hand. A highlight was during “Undeniable” when Mat started to freestyle about his day in Philadelphia… talking about the streets that he walked and things that our notoriously “Philadelphian.” The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that he didn’t sing, “New York to California” one of the best songs (in my opinion) on the album. I did get to video some of the songs… here are two of my favorites. He came back and sang “City of Black & White” as part of the encore. If you ever get a chance to see him live, do it. You’ll love it. Or at least you should.

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