Almost three years ago…

I whipped out my journal today to get some thoughts down, and discovered this entry back on December 29, 2006. Thought I’d share it with you… it was a good reminder for me, and hopefully it will be for you too.

“Bloom Where You’re Planted”

Cindy, Laura and I like to say, “And then I knew the Lord was shouting at me.” This happened yesterday. I’m reading my CCM because I love to fill my head with knowledge about music and artists. I was reading the devotional by Aaron Shust and thought is was good, but not amazing. Here are a couple excerpts:

“Do we trust that God’s plan for us is by far better than our own? God has given you a sphere of influence… regardless of where you are now, I believe God wants us to bloom where we are planted. Develop the discipline of being faithful and trustworthy in a circumstance that you may consider a small matter. Consider that with our limited understanding the things we see as ‘small matters’ may very well be enormous from God’s vantage point. Your ‘small matter’ may be the catalyst that sparks something huge in God’s plan!”

Good stuff, but it didn’t really sink in till I felt an urge to read a chapter from The Elijah Revolution before bed – it was about Esther and at the end of the chapter this is what it said,

“Royal position has nothing to do with ‘office’ but everything to do with influence. The old adage is very true that says, ‘Bloom where you are planted.’ God does the planting. Those who are faithful in the sphere of influence God assigns them will be given a larger sphere.”

And then I knew the Lord was shouting at me! My focus and excitement has so been on what’s to come and not what’s right in front of me! I long for more without being grateful for the things I’m given now. I never really got that excited about filling in on the air, but tonight I got to host and pick the songs for the Audiolab and I loved it! My heart was alive. Thank you Jesus for giving me this treasure. I want to be wise with the things and opportunities you give me.


Wow. It’s funny to me to read this and think about how far I’ve come in three years. How excited I was to pick music and host the Audiolab. 🙂

The Lord has blessed me beyond measure. My cup surely runneth over. My prayer for you today is that you will reflect on the past few years, and remember that God is in control and the small matters may very well be the catalyst that sparks something huge in God’s plan.

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