what i’m thinking.

i’m sitting inside chestnut hill cafe, feeling like one of those cool people who go to coffee shops and drinks coffee and types on their laptop with the too cool for you music coming through their ear buds. except i totally realize i will never be one of those people. i can look like one, but i am a big dork in every meaning of the word. fail.

but what i am thinking about is how much i desire to be one of those cool jesus lovers. i do think this is possible. you can argue that it isn’t possible because people will always hate jesus. i believe he said that somewhere in the scripture. but if you also look in the scripture people were drawn to jesus and did love him. there wasn’t pretenses with him. people liked him. i don’t want to be a cool jesus lover just so people will like me to feed my ego. i want to be a cool jesus lover because i want to authentically show in my life that jesus is different from the jesus they’ve seen or been told about.

i want to love jesus and display him in my life in such a way that people actually get to know jesus.

that he is real.

that he cares.

that he loves.

that he forgives.

that he roots for them.

that he pursues them.

because you know, jesus does. and if you’ve forgotten that, i hope this reminds you. i’ve been reminded a lot lately of the possibility of living a life that is filled with adventure, a life where i can daily encounter the love that jesus has for me.

jesus’ love is strong. i know it and can feel it.

hope you do too.

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