signing off.

it’s a good thing that i don’t do drugs or drink that often. because i think i have a personality that gets addicted to things.


i reluctantly signed up for facebook over two years ago. and last week i realized i had a problem. a severe one. it happened while i was checking facebook in the presence of other people. i was looking at photos of a friend of mine. but the thing is, i never talk to this person. but now via the wonders of facebook i knew more about them then i ever did. and when the people i was with noticed, i felt an immense amount of conviction, guilt and shame.


i also knew i had a problem when everyday i would be talking to somebody and in the midst of conversation say something that i knew only because of facebook. stalk much?


that was it.


i had to stop feeding the beast.


i’m cutting facebook cold turkey. not sure when i’ll be back on or if i even will. all i know is i need to regain REAL community. actually finding out things about my friends because of real conversations that took place, and not status updates.


so, email me or call me. and let’s hang out. in real life.

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2 thoughts on “signing off.

  1. i have been on a long struggle/journey to rectify the concepts of community and social networking… the closest that i have come is that you can achieve aspects of community through social networking, but there are so many opportunities to create fake community… there is some stuff written on the topic, but i am willing to go with my gut and say, there will never be a substitution for real-life person to person in living color community… (i mean, it is the premise of my business… haha) seriously, community is part of our mission, and we don’t have a plan to start hosting conferences on facebook… although we do use facebook to stay in contact with people we have had community relationships with…

    i totally respect your stance… i completely understand where you are… if you make any headway on this topic… email me… i am trying to get back on my blog regularity… so check me out there…

    miss being in live community with you… hate that it is a two day community… haha…



  2. Sounds perfect. It is the healthiest thing sometimes to quit something cold turkey. I noticed you said you don’t do drugs or drink that often, I hope you never do drugs and you mean you don’t drink that often!

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