two minutes.

two minutes. that’s all it took.

two minutes of someone sharing a bit of their life story with me and all the pieces fell into place.

have you ever not quite understood something about someone? why they did, said or believed certain things?

hear their story.

then you  might understand.

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One thought on “two minutes.

  1. Ash,

    Two minute warning, huh?

    All I get is two minutes? How am I supposed to let you know how I feel, who I am, and what I want to be when I grow up in a measely two minutes?

    “Measely.” Is that spelled right? Never can tell with some words. Like God. Should I favor the God out in the universe or the God Within? Or maybe both? Or maybe They are One and the Same?

    Hey. I did it. I told my story in less thantwo minutes.

    Well, whatayouknow!

    Thanks for listening.

    Michael J

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