Now I’m Angry

Saturday I deactivated my Facebook account and felt really good about it. Then I went out with some friends to a massive coach burning party.

When I got back I had an email from Facebook welcoming me back, saying that my account was reactivated. (to reactivate your account all you have to do is log in with your old username and password info) I laughed at the irony of it all. Here I was being super strong-willed and deleting my account to only find that it was reopened. Almost like Facebook was taunting me saying… really? you’re going to do this Ashlea… come on, I know how much you love looking at pictures and status updates!

So, I went back in and re-deactivated it. Thinking there had to be some flaw in the system or something. I even asked my sister (who knew my password info) if she had signed in to my account. She hadn’t. Confusion persisted.

Then today, I get another email that my Facebook account was reactivated.

What the ?!?!?

Now, I was angry. I went in, changed my password and re-deactivated it AGAIN.

Ugh. Now I’m DEFINITELY never coming back.

Thanks Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Now I’m Angry

  1. janelle

    it’s the devil I tell you! hehe… seriously it probably is. Anyway, I commend you for doing so! I find myself on the verge of doing the same thing every day but then I don’t. It is nice being able to connect with friends and the youth group kids during the week but that’s probably the only good thing coming out of FB. The rest is poo.

  2. Sorry to hear that facebook is stalking you. I to have had my moments of deactivation, but my farm seems to keep drawing me in.

    Someone who does not have a life and who plays on farmville *sigh*

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