a new decade.

measurements of time are interesting to me. some are too short to grasp, and some are too long to comprehend.

a year is a perfect measurement to me, while a decade is almost on the too long end of the spectrum because so much can happen. but it is fun to look back and see all of the life changes that occur in ten years. for me?

– i finished out middle school in all of its glory (or lack thereof). while i absolutely hated the person i was at that time, if  it wouldn’t have been for those years, i wouldn’t know that type of person not to be, literally.

– i got saved. again. 2001 in venezuela on a missions trip with brio magazine. no better way to start off high school. (thank you jesus)

– high school. hello fresh meat.

– my sister gets married. i cry. a lot. the visits to arizona begin.

– i wouldn’t say i got saved again, but i would say i encountered the lord in some crazy new way. and decided that college would wait. thank you mexico missions trip with the youth group.

– went to lancaster bible college for two classes. realized i am actually shy and not that outgoing.

– got “de-captainized” from the field hockey team. then re-captainized later.

– worked in retail. i only made it four months till i realized i hated people. thank you black friday. plus during this four-month stint, i had my first real crush.

– interned at WJTL.

– gung-ho tribal missions in ethiopia with ywam. the lord, not so much. at least not for me.

– had my first DJ shift. granted it was from midnight to 6AM. but the start of many.

– graduated high school and had no idea what i was doing the following year. i can still remember being SO happy to graduate. almost giddy. i hated school.

– worked at a tea shop and thus began my love affair with tea and coffee.

– got hired at WJTL part-time.

– college wasn’t just put off for a year. put off permanently (for now)

– decided to go to harbinger ministry school in lancaster, pa.

– moved into lancaster city. over the next 10 months i grew leaps and bounds spiritually and in maturity. through wonderful experiences, others a bit harder. learned a love for community.

– dated (for real dating) for the first time. a million lessons learned.

– learned of my love for house of prayer ministry. part of a nightwatch team, that some nights slept more than watched. (sorry jed)

– moved home.

– turned 21 and had my first beverage, legally.

– hired at WJTL full-time.

– moved into a friend’s house for eight months with my sister and friend, brianna.

– moved home.

this list doesn’t include the numerous friendships over the years, the people who have impacted me profoundly, the life lessons learned, the places seen, the nieces born, the messy personal stuff i had to work through (i will spare the blog world of this, if you’d like to know, ask) or the encounters with the lord.

but it’s something. and it’s a lot. ten years from now i will be 33. and have a whole different list. with different lessons learned. some re-learned. and the same God through it all. orchestrating a life story more beautiful and perfect than my imagination. thank you jesus for getting me to where i need to be, in your time.

happy 2010 and the start of a new era!

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One thought on “a new decade.

  1. I just looked at the top of your blog at the photo and realized that was out here! 🙂 That’s a pretty cool picture. Looking forward to seeing you sooooonn!

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