the last month.

it’s been some massive transition for me as of late. i said farewell to a dear friend who will be in uruguay for the next two years, another close friend moved to DC for the next four months, and one to virginia as well. here’s a recap of the last month:

saw Avatar in 3D with good friends. we’re almost as cool as our glasses…

these are a few of the gifts i made for christmas. well, more like happy january 15th! since i didn’t get any of them done by christmas… (i bought the fabric pieces when i was in uganda last january)

my friend, Kate, graduated from Towsen a few weeks ago, and her parents invited us down to celebrate at Rusty Scuppers which is right at Inner Harbor. i (no surprise) stuffed my face for a good few hours.

sunsets are gorgeous. so gorgeous that i whipped out my camera while driving to capture it while driving through the city. very safe, i assure you.

said goodbye (for now… or until i come visit!) to my dear friend, Rebecca. one last hangout before she left at prince street.

so, that’s been life for the past month. this next month is slated to be just as jam packed and exciting… beaches, nieces and DC!

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