at what point do you discredit a dream?

is it the part where donald miller is your friend and you’re hanging out like bffs


is it the part where skunks start attacking your face?

(i┬ápersonally vote to discredit any dream i have after eating brie cheese – attacking skunks? seriously??)

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i love me some christian movies.

this is so sad, but so amazing. my favorite line?
“where friends become enemies become brothers” and “my name is david michael wickum”

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Hey Buddy… Eyes Up Here!

My good friend Heather is marrying my cousin in less than two weeks and I am so excited for them! This past weekend we had the bachelorette party for Heather so like any good bridesmaid I purchased some special lingerie for her.

I realize that I am a very awkward person and that most normal situations I turn into awkward ones or think they’re awkward when normal people don’t think so.

Of course the place to purchase lingerie is Victoria Secret. I was out at the mall finishing up my Christmas shopping and Victoria Secret was the first stop. I felt embarrassed even being in the store, which is ridiculous, because I’m a girl! But all of those middle-age men looking through the skimpy clothes makes me feel weird. I feel like it’s my Dad. And that’s WEIRD. So, I quickly made my purchase (only after the guy behind me in line made some comment about getting gift cards to Victoria Secret for his girlfriends in middle school… middle school. That’s for another time)

The only thing that’s bad about purchasing things from Victoria Secret is that the pink bag stands out anywhere. The people at VS did a good job at branding… everyone knows where the bag is from. And then I feel like everyone looks at you like “hm… what did she buy there??”

Case in point… I ventured into the Apple Store to ask them a question about an issue I’m having with my iPod. This middle-age man greeted me at the entrance very graciously and we started talking. As I’m sharing my problem about my iPod, I noticed his eyes numerous times gazing down to that pink bag…

I could almost hear his thoughts, “Hm… I wonder if she chose the black lacy one… or perhaps the pink one, or maybe the one with sequins…. ” Gross! Don’t EVEN imagine me in whatever you think I bought!!

Online shopping from now on for me folks.

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