Call me ignorant, but I didn’t realize that DC is only 2 hours away. For some reason, I thought it was more like 4 hours.

2 hours!! I’ve driven that much just for dinner sometimes!!  (this comment reveals way to much about me)

And hello, in DC there is the Smithsonian!

Which again you can call me ignorant, but I didn’t realize that there are over 10 Smithsonian museums. I thought there was only one.

No matter how ignorant I am, I had an amazing time in DC this past weekend hanging out with dear friends. We saw the monuments, went to one of the Smithsonian Museums (Natural History – no Ben Stiller though), went to Dupont Circle and shopped at some of the cutest places, went to Manassas,VA to visit another friend, went to Capital Hill Baptist Church and Eastern Market. Plus lots and lots of eating.

Here’s a peek into the weekend:

just to clarify - this is a picture of a picture - i'm not that good.

same with this one!

Dani and I demonstrating how big the leg bone is... bigger than the two of ours combined!

yes, very frightening. (me or the dinosaur... to be determined)

we made some high school kids feel really mature after we asked them to take this picture for us

reason #1 why i love kate

reason #2 why i love kate

no caption needed.

Kate being an awesome hostess. This was our breakfast spread - by far the healthiest meal we ate.

good times. great friend.

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Hawaii – in pictures

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A Day in Philly

My friend, Kate, and I tackled the City of Brotherly Love yesterday. Despite the rain and our lack of knowledge of the city (hence walking blocks, blocks…. and more blocks) I had a great time. We went down to see Mat Kearney in concert, and I’ll be sure to post video of the concert soon. He was absolutely amazing, and I’ll see him again in a heartbeat.

Before we left the city we made a stop at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and ran the steps in the rain. Here’s a bit of our ridiculousness. (Sorry for the shaking… I was running the steps, fast!)

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