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I left Hawaii Tuesday night – it was SUCH a good trip. Perfect timing, considering I missed the majority of the snow storms back home, but more importantly perfect time spiritually. A week to sit and hear from the Lord, to sit in on teaching, to be apart of corporate worship and to pray with new friends. Definitely where I was supposed to be this past week. Now, I’m in sunny Arizona hanging out with my sister and these sweet girls.

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yes, my friends, today i turn 23. i think i’m about 90% ok with it.  (10% of me is still freaking out and feeling old. – please no comments here on how i shouldn’t feel old. i know this. however, no matter what age you are, there is always a feeling of being old, and an annoyance towards people who are younger than you that say they feel old)

todays been a good day. breakfast at wish you were here with friends. starting the day off with coffee and oatmeal pancakes? yes, please.

good conversations with friends, painting this afternoon with my itunes playing a genius mix of adele. (still finishing up some gifts… will post pictures when finished because I’m pretty excited about my lil’ projects) and tonight more coffee drinking and movie watching. splendid.

i made a list three years ago of twenty-five things i would like to accomplish before i turn 25. i’ve made some decent progress, but these next two years i will have to be diligent! this year i’m hoping to cross the following off my list:

-run a mile in 8 minutes

-be able to do pull-ups

-read all of C.S. Lewis’ works

-learn to play piano (again)

-learn to snowboard

here are some highlights from my twenty-second year (which i would say has been the best yet!)

Going to Uganda with Compassion. A dream fulfilled, and my heart forever changed.

Going to Ireland with Alyssa, Eddie & Sarah. Beautiful, green and breathtaking.

Going to Nashville with the siblings.

Lost nights! Tuesday nights have never been the same…

Arizona for Christmas. the first time i’ve visited my sister, Laura, in almost three years. Arizona landscape is pretty impressive. My nieces are even more impressive and lovable.

Weddings! Eric & Heather, Ryan & Janae and Mike & Brooke. three perfect pairs if you ask me.

New York City. Visiting New York with the Placencias is definitely a must.

Concerts. Kelly Clarkson, Needtobreathe, Mat Kearney, Relient K, Brandon Heath, David Crowder. i love music and free tickets.

Day trips! Philadelphia with Kate and Jim Thorpe with Alyssa and Eddie & Sarah.

Plus all of the great conversations with friends, family and enough scenery for my eyes to be content, and my heart reminded of a precious creator.

thank you to all of the people who have played a part in my twenty-second year of life! i truly count myself blessed to call you friend!

here’s to another year of life – lived purposefully and intentionally everyday, in hopes to make it my best year yet.

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