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at what point do you discredit a dream?

is it the part where donald miller is your friend and you’re hanging out like bffs


is it the part where skunks start attacking your face?

(i┬ápersonally vote to discredit any dream i have after eating brie cheese – attacking skunks? seriously??)

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i think these still apply…

in my findings today i discovered this. thought i would share.

written on a piece of notebook paper were the questions,


what do i like to do?

what do i want to do with my life?

what makes me come alive?




here is was my answer:

music. to permeate a culture. forerunner. visionary. one that sees purpose. youth (15-25). church. worship. one that carries influence. give life and excitement. challenge youth. bring simplicity back. teaching from life. youth ministry. restoration.


for the record, these still apply. and for the record, i’m still trying to make them apply.

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